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Toefl Kelime 5

1 The Bolu Tunnel ........ 2 years ago, but some problems delayed it anyway.
will be completed
was to be completed

2 We ........ at 6.00 at the cafe. Can you come,too?
are going to meet
were going to meet

3 We didn't expect having a dog at home ......cause such problems

4 They're a world-class team, so I believe they ..... win the match by a wide margin.
are going to
were going to

5 They ....... here yesterday, but I haven't heard from them, yet.
are to be
were to be

6 I thought I ....... alone at home,but Ali told he wanted to drop by.
would be staying
will be staying

7 Water from the Kızılırmak ...... to arid regions next year.
was to be pumped
is to be pumped