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Future Continuous or Future Perfect Contınuous

1 Catherine Zeta-Jones ______________ in America for 12 years by the year 2010.
will have been acting
will be acting

2 Tomorrow night I'm going to attend the Academy Award from 8:00 to 11:00. So at 9:00 tomorrow I___________________ Academy Award.
will have been watching
will be watching

3 You'll recognize my friend Teddy when you see him. He _____________ a white beard
will have been wearing
will be wearing

4 By the time he turns 30, Elijah Woods ____________ in the entertainment business for 32 years
will have been working
will be working

5 At the end of his career, Kevin Spacey ____________ audiences for many many years.
will be entertaining
will have been entertaining

6 Josh Hartnett was born on July twenty-first. So on that day, Josh ________________ his birthday
will be celebrating
will have been celebrating

7 By the time the movie finishes, it ___________ outside for 4 hours at least
will be raining
will have been raining