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Reduction of Noun Clauses

Reduction of Noun Clauses

Aşağıdaki Cümleleri "Reduction of Noun Clauses" Kurallarına göre yapınız
1.It is said that John is in London now.
John is said in London now.
2. It was understood that she had a gift for music
She a gift for music
3. Could you tell me how I can get to the station?
Could you tell me to do station?
4. It is essential that she change her job.
It is essential for her job.
5. It was reported that he was staying in the city
He was reported to in the city
6. It was expected that she would win the race
She was expected the race
7. I’m glad that I have been selected
I’m glad selected
8. I don’t know what I should do
I don’t know
9. It is said (that) he has been working on a new project
He is said to have on a new project
10. It is expected that economy will get better soon.
Economy better soon.