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Sıfırdan İngilizce



İngilizce Zamanlar - English Tenses
Active Passive
Relative Clauses - Adjective Clauses
Who Which That
Whose Of which
Why For which
Reduction of Clauses
Miktar İfadeleri
Adverbial Clauses
When After Before While Until
Although Even though Inspite of despite
Since As soon as By the time Once Every time
Because Since Due to Owing to For As Now that
If Provided Providing Supposing Assuming Only if Even if
So that In order that In case
As if As though Like
Wherever Everywhere Anywhere
The comparative The comparative
So adjective that
Whereas While
Reduction of Adverbial
If Clauses
If Clause Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Mixed Type
Wish Clauses
If onlyUnless
As if As though
Even if
In case
Provided that
What if
If it weren't
Whether or not
Pronouns -Quantifiers
Subject Pronoun ( I You He)
A An The
Object Pronoun (me him her)
Possessive Adjective (my, your, his, her,its, our, their)
Possessive Pronouns (mine yours, his, hers...)
Reflexive Pronoun (Myself, yourself, himself..)
Plural Nouns (Çoğul)
Irregular Nouns (Düzensiz)
Uncountable (Sayılamayan)
Hem Countable Hem de Uncountable isimler
Some Any
A few A little
Many Much
A lot of Lots of
Both Either Neither
None Plenty Most
All Whole Half
Each Every
Enough Plenty of
Expressions of Quantity
Somebody, Anybody, No one, Something...
Each other
Amount Deal Quantity
Too Very
As ..... as
Linking verbs
So Such
-ing , -ed adjectives
So...that Such...that
The same Alike Similar
Gerund Infinitive
Both Gerund and Infinitive
Go + Gerund
To + Gerund
Preposition + Gerund
Noun Clauses
Reported Speech
with Question Words
with Yes No Questions
with That
with -ever words
Reduction Kısaltma
Subjunctive Mood
If - Whether or not