Complete following text about basic legal concepts using the following words or phrases. Use each term once.
Why do we have laws and ? At one level, laws can be seen as a type of which is meant to behaviour between people. We can find these rules in nearly all social organizations, such as families and sports clubs.
Law, the body of official rules and regulations, generally found in constitutions and , is used to govern a society and to control the behaviour of its members. In modern societies, a body with such as a or the legislature, makes the law; and a such as the police, makes sure it is observed.

In addition to enforcement, a body of expert is needed to apply the law. This is the role of , the body of in a particular country. Of course, legal systems vary between countries, as well as the basis for bringing a case before a court or . One thing, however, seems to be true all over the world - starting a is both expensive and time consuming.