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Countable or Uncountable

Countable or Uncountable

Gapfill exercise

Boşlukları Doldurunuz. Gerektiğinde isimleri -s /-es ekleyerek çoğul hale getiriniz.
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1. I have learned many italian today
2. The room is full of , let's open the windows.
3. My favorite are C. Dickens and E. Hemingway.
4. There is no in the room. Can you turn on the lights?
5. She always wears a lot of when she goes out. Isn't it dangerous?
6. is the best policy (way)
7. Is easy to learn?
8. Today's is very boring
9. makes me relaxed if I win
10. is not grown in arid places.It needs a lot of water.