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Countable or Uncountable

Countable or Uncountable

Boşlukları Doldurunuz. Gerektiğinde isimleri -s /-es ekleyerek çoğul hale getiriniz.
   change (para üstü)      country      football      fruit      garbage      happiness      information      letter      phone      problem      vegetable   
1. They give advice for people with psychological .
2. Don’t forget your after shopping
3.Some European are not approving the membership of Turkey.
4.What people need is just a little .
5.For more on the problem, write to us at this address.
6.Don’t forget to take out the
7.She has three cell
8.She kept all the in a box
9. We must eat plenty of fresh and
10. is the most popular sport in Turkey.